Uber rolls out new API feature called Uber Trip Experience to make rides fun

Uber rolls out new API feature called Uber Trip Experience to make rides fun


Uber has come out with a new API feature called Uber Trip Experience.  It promises to make the users’ trip even better.  This is what Uber says in its release:

Uber, the smartphone app that has transformed urban mobility for millions of commuters, announced the launch of a new API feature for developers  “Uber Trip Experience” in India and globally.

We opened our API to developers globally over a year ago. Since then we’ve seen the creative ways that other apps can help get riders from A to B.  Make a reservation for dinner on Zomato and you’ll get a reminder to book your ride when it’s time to head to the restaurant.  It’s the same with Zo Rooms for hotel reservations and Practo for doctor’s appointments. And Facebook’s Messenger lets you and your friends request a ride right when you are chatting.  These integrations help make life simpler and easier for people to get around.

By opening up the API to the developers they have tried to create apps in media, iOT, and gaming for the Uber users.

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“Uber Trip Experiences is all about elevating the overall Uber rider experience. We value the time of our riders and are always seeking new ways to maximize the enjoyment and utility of their time in an Uber.  From media to gaming to IoT, Uber Trip Experiences creates new opportunities for developers to build unique Uber integrations that enhance the user experience while they are on an Uber trip. ” said Dmitry Shevelenko, Head of Business, Uber Developer Platform.

Uber rides – specially in India – promise to be fun going forward!

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