Study Says Most Facebook Friends are Fake – Only FOUR Count in Real!

Study Says Most Facebook Friends are Fake – Only FOUR Count in Real!


The Social Media seems to have enriched our lives.  We befriend so many folks, sometimes running into thousands!  But are all those “facebook-friends” friends in real life?  A new study shows that most of the FB friends are FAKE!  Now, that is quite a dampner for all those socially active folks!

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Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford University, conducted research into how Facebook friendship correlates with real-life friendship. Of the 150 Facebook friends the average user has, Dunbar found that only 15 could be counted as actual friends and only five as close friends.

“There is a cognitive constraint on the size of social networks that even the communication advantages of online media are unable to overcome,” the study found. “In practical terms, it may reflect the fact that real (as opposed to casual) relationships require at least occasional face-to-face interaction to maintain them.” (Source)

When the respondents were asked how many of their social media friends one would turn to in a time of crisis – the answer was just FOUR!


So just because you have a lot of social media and facebook friends does not mean that you can depend on more than a handful when they are needed.

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