CH4: A Device that Analyzes ‘Life-saving’ Farts!

CH4: A Device that Analyzes ‘Life-saving’ Farts!


“Home is where the heart is, home is where the fart is.
Come let us fart in the home.
There is no art in a fart.
Still a fart may not be artless.
Let us fart and artless fart in the home.” ~ Ernest Hemingway, 88 Poems

Farts – smelly, noisy or none – say a lot.  Not just to the one next to you but also about what is inside you.  In fact, not only are the gases thrown out during a fart useful to analyze your health, they are also useful – if taken in small doses – for your health!

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In fact, scientists from University of Exeter have found that the hydrogen sulfide gas which is found in rotten eggs as well as in ….. well.. flatulence could help bring down the risk of cancer, heart attack, strokes, arthritis, and dementia.  What a powerful use of a fart one would say!

The Exeter scientists created a compound called AP39 that slowly delivers small, concentrated amounts of the gas to mitochondria, the “powerhouses” of cells that take in nutrients, break them down, and create energy. Preventing or reversing mitochondrial damage is considered key to treating a variety of ailments.

“Our results indicate that if stressed cells are treated with AP39, mitochondria are protected and cells stay alive,” Professor Matt Whiteman, of the University of Exeter Medical School, said in a statement. The researchers have published their findings in the journal MedChemComm and presented them at the June International Conference on Hydrogen Sulfide in Biology and Medicine in Kyoto, Japan.

Of course, hydrogen sulfide can prove deadly in large doses, meaning that sniffing a fart or two here and there is a much better and safer idea than, say, filling your house with rotten eggs.

Now, a company has come out with a device called CH4, being crowd-financed via the site kickstarter with a goal to generate $180,000 – to analyze the ubiquitous fart!  It can be worn on the belt or it can be in the back-pocket.


Wear it on the belt or on the back-pocket (kickstarter / CH4)

The company suggests why its device is so useful.

Gas in the digestive tract is mostly caused by the breakdown of certain foods in the large intestine by bacteria. An average person passes gases 13 times a day in normal conditions.

Problems related to gases:
-Abdominal pain and discomfort;
– Embarrassing social situations, like a meeting at work in a small room, a romantic dinner, at school, at the subway… there are so many places where gases are a problem!

It’s difficult to know what type of food causes us gases because everyone digests food differently. With a device that tracks your gases and correlates with your food choices, you can now get the whole picture.

So what does it do?  It “measures your gases and tells you what foods to avoid.”

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You keep a track of what you eat by entering your food stuff.  If you are accurate and specific – like say, Broccoli, then after the analysis the advise will be more accurate.  The company has an app to analyze everything.

CH4 phone app to analyze the gases

CH4 phone app to analyze the gases (kickstarter / CH4)

So want to add some .. er.. wind to the sails of this company’s fart analyzing CH4?

Featured Image source: What a Fart exhibition



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