Chinese Doctor Performs Head Transplants On Mice; Monkeys and Humans next

Chinese Doctor Performs Head Transplants On Mice; Monkeys and Humans next


It seems like straight out of science fiction, but this is coming to bear very soon.

Surgeon Xiaoping Ren has performed roughly 1,000 head transplants on mice since 2013, and has had more success than anyone else with the surgery, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The mice—whose new heads sometimes have different colored fur than their bodies—have lived as long as a day after the operations.Next, Ren plans to try his technique on monkeys, “hoping to create the first head-transplanted primate that can live and breathe on its own, at least for a little while,” the Journal says. Source: Time

Many doctors and people have moral / ethical reservations, but there are others as well who are going ahead with these kind of procedures.  For example, an Italian surgeon is already getting ready to do a head transplant.

One man's head on another man's body! Its much nearer than you think it is. Click To Tweet

Italian doctor who has claimed that he could transplant a man’s head onto a donor’s body has said that he could do much of the procedure in less than an hour.

The procedure — which Canavero has admitted is just a first step towards his ultimate aim of creating immortality — will see a man’s head removed and placed on a donor’s body.

That will see the man’s head get cooled down — as it is when doctors operate on some parts of the brain — and switched onto the different body. Doctors will then have a few minutes to attach the blood vessels and the whole thing will take less then an hour, Canavero said. (Source)

For some it may mean life and death situation.

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