Direct Publishers’ Content on Facebook (with Full Ad Revenue Share) as it gears to be a Personalized Newspaper! 

Direct Publishers’ Content on Facebook (with Full Ad Revenue Share) as it gears to be a Personalized Newspaper! 


In a bid to engage the readers and users more, Facebook is set to become a news portal as well.  In a new program that it has set forth, it will host news directly from various sources on its social network.

Not only will these publishers get to post their content on the Facebook, but if they sell their ads

As per a report by the Wall Street Journal the news hosting programme is called Instant Articles and launch partners are said to include Buzzfeed, National Geographic, and The New York Times.

The WSJ reports that while mobile publishers push content to Facebook right now in the form of links, it can take up to take 8 seconds for the pages to load. By hosting content on Facebook, the world’s most popular social network aims to reduce this friction.

The report adds that publishers do not need to pay the social network for the hosting, and will in fact get to keep all the revenue earned from ad sales on the hosted pages. Publishers would keep 100 percent of the revenue from ads they sell on Facebook-hosted content, but if Facebook sells the ads, it would keep 30 percent of the revenue

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg had expressed this intention last year when he said that he wanted to make Facebook into a personalized newspaper for “everyone in the world”.  Big words.  But words which may ring true now after the personalization has been more or less nailed down.

“Our goal is to build the perfect personalized newspaper for every person in the world,” Zuckerberg said. “We’re trying to personalize it and show you the stuff that’s going to be most interesting to you.”

New Model of publishing and news dissemination is now taking shape.  There is reporting and content creation and then there content dissemination.  So newspapers – as well as bloggers – have now become content syndicates.  The larger social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter will function as the vehicles of taking this content to the users in the best way possible.

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