Domino’s Pizza New App Helps you Track Delivery and identify the Driver

Domino’s Pizza New App Helps you Track Delivery and identify the Driver



Domino’s Pizza is coming out with an App that will enable its customers to track their Pizza delivery order.  The bummer is that it will be offered for now only in Australia and New Zealand.  The Verge says:

Domino’s understands that the hardest part about waiting is not knowing when something’s coming. Now, the pizza chain will apply that logic to a new app it plans to roll out this summer that lets users track their delivery driver’s progress to their home, TheWall Street Journal reports. For now, the GPS Driver Tracker will only be available in certain countries, beginning with Australia and New Zealand.

In an effort to deter erratic driving and detours, the Domino’s app will reveal the drivers’ names to customers, as well as how fast they’re driving. The company also hopes to include fun facts about each driver, like their favorite sports teams and what music they listened to on the way over, according to WSJ.

This app will be currently available for Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

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The schedule for the unveiling of this app around the world is:

The GPS Driver Tracker is scheduled to be available in Australia and New Zealand by the end of July, the Netherlands by Christmas, and Japan, France, and Belgium by the end of 2016.

So you don’t have to wonder who is coming to deliver your pizza and when – when you order one at Domino’s.  It will be all there.




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