The Future of Computing and Devices is Here with Augmented Reality

The Future of Computing and Devices is Here with Augmented Reality


The future of computing lies in Augmented Reality.  This entails a wearable device which lets a person  see virtual elements layered on top of the real world.  The one company which is already in the thick of things in this world is Microsoft.  It has the device Hololens already in development edition.  Developers can partner with Microsoft to create applications for Hololens (can apply here).

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What can you do with Microsoft’s Hololens and Augmented Reality?

Watching TV
Going forward you may not even need a TV.  Can watch the TV anywhere – your wall maybe.. and have it resized the way you want.


Skype on the go

You are busy with something and want to interact with someone on video to get help, Hololens could bring the person right in front of you. Like this example of the woman talking to her Dad.

Hololens - Skype

Playing Games

If you want to play your game somewhere, you can use Hololens and do it say, on your table top. Here is a small clip for how to play minecraft.


Apple and Google are also Joining Augmented Reality World

Apple Joining the Augmented Reality Bandwagon

While Microsoft is much further ahead, Apple is now jumping into this world as well. It has started by acquiring Apple an augmented reality company called Metaio. Apple has even hired one of the leads for Microsoft’s Hololens. Here is what Metaio’s product can do.

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Google is taking the Magic Leap as well

Google is also making serious inroads via  Google-backed Magic Leap.  Here is a clip using Magic Leap device.

Also check out this solar system visualizing.


Augmented Reality will be the future and many devices may face the brunt of it.  TVs, Computers, Smartphones, Game Consoles, and even movie theaters – will all be useless once the Augmented Reality devices kick in with their revolutionized capabilities.  Microsoft, Apple and Google seem to be at the forefront of this revolution.


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