Google Calendar Adds Goals Settings and Management

Google Calendar Adds Goals Settings and Management


Do you struggle with your goals in life?  How to factor in the work-life balance and have special time for “paying yourself back” as Covey called it?

Well, now Google Calendar has the Goals tool inbuilt into its latest version that can help you do that.

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Here is how you do it.

Set the Goals:  The Apps asks you simple questions that help it set up the goal for you.  Questions like “How often?” and “Best time?”.  Once you answer your stuff, its all set, Google Calendar will do the rest for you.

Create Goals - (Courtesy Googleblog)

Create Goals – (Courtesy Googleblog)

Adjust to your Busy Schedule: Life isn’t strait-jacketed.  There are times even when you have your schedule, things crop up and you have to handle them.  Then what do you do?  Well Google Calendar App automatically reschedules your goal if some other event comes in direct conflict with it.


Reschedule Goals

Reschedule Goals (Courtesy Googleblog)

Want to Defer?: If you want to defer something because you aren’t ready for the activity today, let the app take care of finding the best time and date for it.  Its like a personal assistant that handles your life scheduling!

Defer Goals with Google Calendar

Defer Goals (Courtesy: Googleblog)

Use it and Make it an Expert:  The App learns as you go on with it.  It learns your ways and it can become better and better at choosing the best times for you the more you use it!


Train App and Make it an Expert

Train App and Make it an Expert

With this app inbuilt into the Google Calendar, you do not need to use any of the other Goal setting apps that are out there.
To get started on your Google Calendar based goals, you can get your iPhone app from here or your Android App from the link below.

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