All a Hacker Needs to Access your Calls, Texts, and Emails is your Phone Number!

All a Hacker Needs to Access your Calls, Texts, and Emails is your Phone Number!


Do you give your cell number out to people? Well, if they want to and have access to the right hacking skills, s/he can access your phone calls – listen into them, read your texts and also emails!  All one needs to hack into your phone conversations, your location, texts, and emails – is your phone number.

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In a very scary expose’, 60 minutes worked with Congressman Ted Lieu – member of the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Information Technology – to test the whole thing out. The result showed how easy it is to hack into the whole system! They use a technical flaw in SS7, a global network that connects phone carriers.

Hacker and US Congressman

Karsten Nohl (left) is one of the hackers who hacked US Congressman Ted Lieu’s (right) phone.

The flaws that were used to test the whole hacking were discovered by German researchers.  The worse thing is that these flaws are inherent flaws are built into the SS7 for making sure that the calls are connected as users connections from one cell tower to another, while one moves around the city.  These tools can be used by the hackers to do surveillance on the phones and the calls as well.

What is SS7?

The Signaling System 7 (SS7) is a global telecom standard that defines the exchange of information by the network elements in a public switched telephone network (PSTN) over a digital signaling network.  The nodes in the network are called Signalling points.  SS7 is used for the following things:

  • Setting up and managing the connection for a call
  • Tearing down the connection when the call is complete
  • Billing
  • Managing call forwarding, calling party name and number display, three-way calling, and other Intelligent Network (IN) services
  • Toll-free (800 and 888) and toll (900) calls
  • Wireless as well as wireline call service including mobile telephone subscriber authentication, personal communication service (PCS), and roaming
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If one can hack through the SS7, one can get access to all these things as well and everything that links to these services. Here is the video of the program.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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