Hawking: Humans will Use Science to Wipe Humanity; His Prescription – Play Cosmic Musical Chairs!

Hawking: Humans will Use Science to Wipe Humanity; His Prescription – Play Cosmic Musical Chairs!


Stephen Hawking makes news whenever he says anything.  He has said something again which is pretty significant.  His prediction – Humans are using Science to wipe out humanity.  How?  Via nuclear war, global warming and genetically-engineered viruses!

“Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years,” Hawking said in advance of the BBC Reith Lectures, where Professor Hawking will lay out his research into black holes.

“By that time we should have spread out into space, and to other stars, so a disaster on Earth would not mean the end of the human race.

His prediction of humans wiping themselves out seems quite obvious at many levels.  Of course, he has scientific basis for his statement though, which is great.  But honestly, his strategy for the future of the humanity is downright stupid!

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Think of it – in many Multi-verses, our Universe is one.  In that, Milky Way Galaxy is just one small speck like existence.  Of that, our solar system is just a small speck.  And in that our planet – Earth has reached a level of maturity after billions of years to support human life.  And that is because this planet has – via evolution – created the best ever situation for humans to live and thrive!  And we humans through our regressive “Intelligence” are on verge of completely messing this very miracle of cosmic nature!  And we – the same humans – with no more wisdom and the exact same regressive “intelligence” are expected to do something miraculous with another planet?  How can the very force which destroyed THE greatest Cosmic miracle be expected to create one of his own?  If there was such wisdom and intelligence so sound, then this very planet – the cosmic miracle – would be just fine!  Mr. Hawking – we need to fix Humanity, not another planet!

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Isn’t the need for humanity to fix its fallacy of intelligence which is inherently regressive as opposed to play cosmic musical chairs?

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