iPhone 8 will have a Curved Screen Display and no physical buttons!

iPhone 8 will have a Curved Screen Display and no physical buttons!


Apple had filed a patent for a curved smartphone display and is probably now planning to come out with one of those.

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According to a source familiar with the plans of Apple’s display suppliers, the first iPhone to have a flexible display might be released in 2018 – assuming Apple sticks to its current iPhone naming pattern, the iPhone 8 family would get the rumored OLED curved displays.Apple is apparently “serious” about bringing OLED displays to its smartphones, “as those displays can solve its existing weak points such as color saturation, accuracy and brightness.” The company is already using OLED display technology for the Apple Watch.Of course, flexible OLED displays would also allow Apple to completely change the look and feel of its iPhone lineup. The Galaxy S6 edge is just one example of the new design possibilities brought about by flexible display panels. Another possibility is the inclusion of actual physical buttons integrated into a display.“It is very likely that the first flexible iPhone may be introduced in 2018, as Apple’s top-tier display suppliers are working on it,” the source told Business Korea, adding that Apple would create a huge market if it’ll release an iPhone with an OLED flexible screen, a technology that hasn’t been used on iPhone yet.LG Display is reportedly shifting one of its LCD lines into an OLED line, in order to expand its yearly OLED display output. The factory should start mass-production in 2017, right in time for the iPhone 8 family. Source: iPhone 8: Flexible OLED Display Rumored for 2018 iPhone Family | BGR

The patent had been reported on by the Telegraph UK sometime back.  Also in the works is no physical buttons at all!  Now, that would make iPhone one heck of a phone.  Ain’t it?

The patent filing for curved surface.

The patent filing for curved surface. (credit – Telegraph)

The display would cover the entire surface of the devices and could include two AMOLED screens one on top of the other, according to a patent filing published this week, allowing it to give “an illusion of depth perception… mimicking a 3D experience”.

“The majority of portable electronic device manufacturers utilize a common form factor consisting generally of a flat planar form factor with a single surface dedicated mainly for use as a display surface, while the other surfaces remain largely unused, save for the occasional button or switch,” the patent filing explains.

“Although this form factor lends itself to electronic devices that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle… the size of the user interface is generally limited to a portion of the device that takes up less than half of the overall device surface area.”

Instead, Apple envisions an iPhone with rounded edges and curved surfaces front and back, both capable of displaying information and responding to touch.

In a move that would have pleased Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs, who sought to do away with physical buttons throughout his career, the proposed design would have no physical volume controls, no “home” button on the front and no “hold” button on top. Their functions would be performed by touch gestures bringing up software-based controls on the wraparound screen. (Source: Telegraph)

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