Map of World’s Population Online: An Interesting Visual

Map of World’s Population Online: An Interesting Visual


Today’s world is dictated by use of internet and transactions that are done over the web.  That is where the economy is moving towards.  We have seen how a company like Amazon completely rewrote the rules of retail world.  The question now is which countries are at the forefront of internet revolution?  Whoever has higher access will succeed and define the future.  Oxford University’s Internet Institute (Dr Mark Graham and Dr Ralph Straumann) created a map visual of internet using populations around the world country-wise.  They used the 2013 data from World Bank.  The result is quite interesting.

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Though percentage of people online is one of the lowest in India, it still happens to be #3 in the overall numbers!  China with 600 million, US with 270 million, India with 190 million and Japan with 110 million are the top four globally.

Percentage-wise Europe, North America and teh Aus-NZ region scores the highest.  Outside of these three regions (developed world), five countries have over 80% population online.  They are Japan, South Korea, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

top percent of internet users

Despite huge advancement in web connectivity, the fact is that only little over One-Third of the human population has access to the internet!

World Population Online

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