Peppers Team – Humoid Robots – to Run a Cell Phone Store in Japan

Peppers Team – Humoid Robots – to Run a Cell Phone Store in Japan


Pepper is a four-foot nothing humanoid robot which does menial or interaction work in businesses. It is built by Softbank Robotics, headed by Fumhide Tomizawa. Now, these robots will staff a cell phone story which will open from March 28 to April 3 in the city’s upscale Omotesando shopping district.

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What all can Pepper do?  Well a lot!  For example, it:

  • Can recognize faceS, speak, hear and move around autonomously.
  • can be customized by installing software applications that teach Pepper to dance, play, learn or even chat in another language.
  • Can identify user’s emotions and choose the behavior best suited to the situation.
  • Can interpret users emotion from their voice, face expression, and body behavior as well as language used and offer the right content.
  • Can respond personally to the users’ moods, uses his eye colour , and tone of his voice.

Peppers was debuted in June 2015 and has seen made its way into over 500 companies. Based on its strengths, Peppers has been tested at financial institutions, car companies, food and beverage firms.  In case of this cell phone store, Peppers will be reponding to customers’ queries, providing directions and also selling the phones.

He gave examples of companies that are currently using the unit. They include 37 banks and financial institutions, and Nissan Motor Corp., which has the robot in about 100 of its outlets. He said in each case the robot is used to interact with customers.

The Softbank cell store will have 5-6 robots and a few humans.  The latter are there to check IDs, something – strangely that Peppers cannot do.

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Peppers, the robot which will sell the cell phones is sure to revolutionize the future of retail in the world!

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