Recruiting via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin: Surprising Insights for Companies

Recruiting via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin: Surprising Insights for Companies



The world of job seeking is changing forever.  While the job portals like Monster, careerbuilder and dice have been popular in the past, the last few years saw the emergence of job aggregators like Indeed and Simplyhired.  Instead of going through hundred of sites, a job seeker could now go to one – say, Indeed – and access all the jobs in his/her area of interest.

But are the job portals and job aggregators the holy grail for job seeking?  If the new data and studies are to be believed, then the carpet is being swept away from under the feet of these job portals/aggregators by the Social Media sites.

I know, I know you would say.  Linkedin of course is the big daddy in the whole jobs/candidates and career world.  Right?  Yes, and wrong as well!

Let us look at some facts.

  1. Twitter has more job openings and more job seekers than any other social site, including Linkedin!
  2. Recruiters have hired someone – 89% of the time from Linkedin, 26% times from Facebook and only 15% of the time via Twitter.
  3. 18.4 million applicants on Facebook, 10.2 million on Linkedin and 8 million on Twitter have found their jobs.
  4. Most common use of Twitter in job search was to research a company profile.

Quite simply, the companies aren’t even using the social media properly.  Let us look at one of the largest technology services company – IBM.  Here is a screen-shot of the IBM’s US Jobs pages.


Do you see the # of followers for the page?  Just above 5000!  That’s for a company which actively hires for its large employee base.  The good takeaway from this page is that the company at least shares the handles for specific individuals who are working on this twitter job page, so candidates can directly contact them as well.

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There are many ways for companies to enhance their presence on social media and raise their chances to hire more folks from there.  What all can be done?  Here is some interesting insight from an infographic.

social media use


The Candidates-Recruiters Mismatch

The whole picture gets even more interesting.  You would believe that both, the candidates and the recruiters, would be flocking to the same place.  After all, wherever the candidates, that’s where the recruiters and employers should be.  Right?  Wrong!!

2014 Job Seeker Nation Report by

2014 Job Seeker Nation Report by

While Facebook has the highest population of Job seekers, followed by Twitter and then Linkedin; strangely Recruiters prefer to seek the candidates out most on Linkedin, then Facebook and Twitter – in that ranking.

New sites liked tweetmyjobs have come up which help Facebook and Twitter have a better chance at recruiting, but as is obvious from the ham-handed effort from even a company like IBM, recruiters leave a lot of candidates on the table by not engaging them on Facebook and Twitter.

Accessing and more importantly engaging people on twitter and on facebook is going to be the key to success of a lot of recruiters.

Even for these platforms, it is important to think through this space better.  There is a need, there is a lot of traffic and there are ways to leverage than what they have done so far.  Can they succeed?

That, is going to be the several billion dollar question, where companies may end up hooking up with candidates on a one-to-one basis even before he/she has come to them.

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