How to resolve issue – Featured image and post excerpt not showing in Facebook Sharing of the Post?

How to resolve issue – Featured image and post excerpt not showing in Facebook Sharing of the Post?


While working on a WordPress have you come across the issue where – when you share the post on Facebook, you either:

  1. Do not get the image?
  2. Get the wrong image?
  3. Have just made the site live, but it shows the verbiage “Coming Soon” instead of the title?
  4. Gets the wrong excerpt or title or image or all of them?
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Here is what you need to understand about sharing of the posts on Facebook.  Facebook uses the Open Graph tags to share the different components.  The table below gives the important Open Graph tags that are relevant to the wordpress post which are scrapped by Facebook to share your post.

The Facebook Open graph tags

The Facebook Open graph tags

My Line of Enquiry to resolve the issue above?

Now, if you go to different posts around the net for this issue, the line of attack for this issue by different people has been:

  • Empy browser cache
  • Empty website cache – for which I installed WP Fastest cache plugin as well!
  • Get the Facebook Open graph plugins – like Yoast SEO and format the open graph tags properly

All those are valid line of enquiries.  Which I did as well.  But the result was zero!  When I went back to the posts, they still showed the same old “content” and no image!  Now what?

The Resolution – Eureka Finally!

The way to resolve this is by using the Open Graph Object Debugger!  When you go there and put in the URL of your post that is having issues and click on Show existing scrape information – the took will come back with the information it is currently pulling up from your post.  That is what Facebook has cached last time it looked at your post.

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Now, click on “Fetch new scrape information” and it will show exactly what it now gets from your site.  This is what you want on the facebook share box with the image, title, and excerpt – provided you have the correct Open Graph tags in place.

The Open Graph Object Debugger

The Open Graph Object Debugger

This will resolve your issue for the post.  Keep this URL handy and use it if any post is giving you grief with the facebook sharing.  Do the cache empty routines – for they help anyways – but my bet is that this is what will finally get it resolved for you.

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