Study shows Pinterest’s amazing power in e-commerce world!

Study shows Pinterest’s amazing power in e-commerce world!



Which of the Social Media sites do you think is the biggest surprise when it comes to influencing buying behavior of people?  Pinterest!

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One of the most important aspect is that it attracts mostly women.  And, when a recent survey was done, some astonishing results came back. Millward Brown Digital partnered with Pinterest to examine the impact Pinterest has on future purchases.  Here are two graphs which show some interesting insights.

(Data Courtesy: Business Insider)

Global Data – Feb & Mar 2015 (Data Courtesy: Business Insider)

What one finds amazing is that the “Pinners” are a ripe audience for a purchase.  The study found that the millennials experience an important life event within 6 months of being active on Pinterest.  They use the site to actively research brands and buying options.

We found that active Pinners were 47% more likely to experience a major life event in the next 6 months. They are also disproportionately using Pinterest to plan for these moments—especially Millennials. Whether consumers are getting married, buying a home, remodeling or redecorating, having a baby, buying a car, taking a vacation, or simply planning a party or dinner for the night, they are more receptive to new ideas and new brands.

What are these Pinners buying?  That is also an interesting case study.  The graph.

Graph courtesy  MillwardBrown Digital

Graph courtesy MillwardBrown Digital

The categories show the overwhelmingly women audience on the site.  Is this because women are more visual in instinct?

Featured Image source: Flickr

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