US Government to Invest $4 billion in Self Driving Cars

US Government to Invest $4 billion in Self Driving Cars


US Government is now going to push self driving cars as it plans to invest $4 bn to fund research and testing projects.  This project might help save lives and money via better traffic management and prediction.

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“We are on course for a future where congestion will only get worse,” said Foxx, adding that in the future 75 percent of the US population will be concentrated in 11 “mega regions.”

Foxx said that because most accidents are caused by human error, autonomous vehicles can eliminate many road fatalities.

“By my simple math, that means that autonomous cars could have saved 25,000 lives last year,” he said.

The main idea is to eliminate human error.  However testing of these cars hasn’t been without issues.  Almost all car companies have reported events when the driver had to manually take on the controls – called disengagement.  Google was the best of the lot though – with its self-driving cars experiencing 272 incidents of disengagements – a rate of one incident every 1,244 miles!  Tesla, on the other hand, didn’t report any disengagement – without mentioning the number of miles tested though.

The major companies testing self-driving cars on California roads reported multiple “disengagements” during testing — moments at which the human drivers were forced to take control of the autonomous vehicles.

Google, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Bosch and Delphi Automotive all reported such disengagements, some occurring as often as once every one to two miles, the report said.

That is why more research and testing is so imperative.

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Also, currently the legal frameworks aren’t in place.  And towards that the Transportation Department and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration need to come up with the right policy framework to get the ball rolling.

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